Trim Carpentry

trim carpentry in spotsylvania va.

Trim carpentry, also commonly referred to as finish carpentry, creates the elegance and beauty of a home. After the floors have been installed and walls have been painted, a trim carpenter comes in to the home to add the finishing touches and covers up any imperfections where the flooring may not meet the wall or the gaps between the cabinets and the tile.

You will spend over one third of your time in your home. Your home should be as eye pleasing as possible. A trim carpenter will add the trim to your doors and windows covering up the gaps between the frames and the drywall. Trim carpentry requires a good eye and a steady hand. They must have an eye for detail and the ability to create perfect lines and with the proper use of shadows hide the imperfections left behind by the framer. The walls and floors of your home are rarely ever straight or level. For this reason, trim carpentry is the most advanced form of carpentry requiring the most skill.

Are you ready to update the appearance of your home? Are you updating the flooring or replacing the cabinets in your home? All-Pro Painting & Contracting employees skilled Trim Carpenters add the perfection to your imperfect home. Watch as we transform your home into a vision of elegance and beauty.