Water Damage Restoration

All-Pro Painting and Contracting provides Water Damage Restoration (Water Damage Repair) services to the greater Fredericksburg, VA area. Water Damage Restoration (Water Damage Repair) is the process of restoring a property back to pre-loss condition after a flood or other water damage issue. All-Pro Painting and Contracting will provide a professional water damage restoration inspection and will document the materials that were affected by the water damage. We will provide an estimate of the value of the damage and how much work will be needed to return the property to its original condition. We use special equipment to determine the source of the water damage and the extent of the area affected.

Water Damage Restoration Process

Water Damage Restoration typically takes several days to repair and dry. Water damage restoration (water damage repair) services include the inspection of the room or areas that were affected with special equipment designed to sense water. After we determine how large or small of an area that needs to be repaired, we will provide you a quote with the estimated cost for materials and time. Water damage restoration service then begins with drying the structure, sanitizing the affected or cross contaminated areas and deodorizing these areas and materials. One this is complete, drying equipment would be left in the residence or building for up to three days to completely dry the water damaged areas. After the area has been fully dried, a final inspection and reevaluation will be completed in order to ensure that no further action is needed.

Water Damage Classifications

Class 1 Water Damage – Slow Evaporation Rate: In this category, only part of a room is affected and requires restoration. There will be little to no moisture in the carpet. Class 2 Water Damage – Fast Evaporation Rate: In this category, water damage would affect the entire room or the carpet and cushion. Water usually has started wicking up walls about 12" – 24". There will also be moisture in the remaining structural materials.

Class 3 Water Damage – Fastest Evaporation Rate: In this category, water is usually coming from overhead. The ceiling, walls, carpet, cushion and sub-floor will be soaked with water.
Class 4 Water Damage – Specialty Drying Situations: In this category there will be deep pockets of saturation and require very low specific humidity.

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